I'm Mckenon, a freelance gameplay/tools engineer with a primary focus on Unity3D.



Game · Unity3D · C# · Programmer/Designer

Skystead is a small game I have been developing with a friend, with myself doing near all of the programming. Skystead is a first person farming game in which the player runs their own farm. The general gameplay loop includes farming, exploring, puzzle solving, and home/property customization.


Game · Unity3D · C# · Programmer · 11/01/2018-02/23/2019

For Blackwake I developed a small seperate single-player tutorial segment. This involved re-creating several key pieces of gameplay and tying it all together with an in-house tutorial system.

Scene View

Scene View Handles

Asset · Unity3D · C# · Programmer

SVHandles is a lightweight extension for Unity which allows you to quickly visualize and modify variables such as Vector3 and Bounds by simply adding [SVHandle] to the variable, and nothing else.

Stardew Valley
Fast Travel

Stardew Valley – Fast Travel

Mod · XNA / MonoGame · C#

Fast Travel was a mod I developed for Stardew Valley. It allowed the player to click on any point on the map and instantly travel to said location. This mod has garnered 11,500 downloads to this day.



  • C# 7 Years
  • Java 4 Years
  • Javascript


  • Unity 7 Years
  • SDL2
  • XNA / Monogame
  • Node.js


  • Visual Studio
  • WPF / WinForms
  • ImGUI
  • Git Families ( )
  • Trello

Work Experience

08/18 - 02/19

Mastfire Studios

Freelance Programmer

I was brought into Mastfire Studios in order to help them with their Steam title Blackwake. At Mastfire we developed an external tutorial which ran off of a custom in-house tutorial framework we built from the ground up. Since the tutorial was created outside of the main project, many elements of the main game had to be rewritten, such as overall FPS controls including climbing and swimming, and other pieces such as UI segments.

04/17 - Current

Meraki Games

Lead Programmer

Since April 2017 I have been helping Meraki Games with their title Pyrrhic Victory. In the process I have worked with instanced rendering, boid logic, backend systems, and external data to code conversion.

01/17 - Current


Game/Tools Engineer

Back at the beginning of 2017 I started my journey into freelance game engineering with 5 years of hobbyist Unity development experience under my belt. I began by taking smaller jobs, and eventually built up a network which allowed me to take on jobs stable enough to make this my full-time job.