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Unity Game/Tools Developer in Alabama

My Portfolio

My Portfolio



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Stardew Valley

Fast Travel

Work Experience

Work Experience

Lead Programmer at Meraki Games Inc.

  • April 2017 - Current

Led all development efforts on Pyrrhic Victory. Includes work with instanced rendering, boid logic, backend systems, and external data to code conversion.

Freelance Game/Tools Programmer

  • January 2017 - Current

Smaller scope freelance programming work, eg. small-scale programs, consultations, and part-time help.

My Skills

professional skills



Editor Tools
Gameplay Scripting
2D Animation Systems
Interconnected Systems
Editor Pipeline
Visual Studio
Jetbrains Rider

C# - 7 Years

I've been working in C# for 7 years now. I started with learning basic console applications, and eventually progressed into using C# with Unity. Over the years I've worked on several varying projects, such as 2D External/Internal Map Editors(Both in Winforms and in Unity), Overhead Space Games(with MonoGame), and even Bot APIs(such as Discord#+).

Java - 3 Years

I initially started working in Java for Minecraft modding back in 2012, after which I began using Swing to develop a small 2D Map Editor, with Auto tiling support. During the creation of this level editor I transitioned into C#.

Javascript - 2 Years

My experience with Javascript is less so than that of C#/Java, however I am still proficient in the language. Most of my usage of Javascript has been with web development / hobbyist game development.

contact me

contact me

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